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because he saves you when you're sick." spend a day at the art gallery or take in a live show.havre de grace has it all. emily gracey is road trippin in havre dd grace.good morning emily....- what's new in art in havre de - what are the 3 best places to visit in havre de entertainment?- how do you town's historic feel? for more informaaion on havre de grace next road trip log on to fox baltimore dot com. topics" and click more people are more peoppe are speaking out at this hour... about forrer modell.how they're remeebering the local legend... ext. day baltimore. - 3 --oss to qaary ismail... former ravens wide receiver 3 3 3 3 we have breakkng news just into our newsrooo... out off &pphiladelphia.there are report airport ... because of a o the - threat of explosives on board. the latest details coming into good day baltimore. fox 45 (( anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions
-- first we say good morning to sarah. >> we have a left lane closure in havre de grace and there is a backup developing. pulaski highway might be a better bet. 543, the scene of another crash. everything up to speed on the north side. the rest of the major roadways looking good so far. it will take you 10 minutes to go southbound 95 to 32. you can see plenty of activity. delays in place on southbound 95. there have the down towards havre de grace. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. >> amtrak wants to shorten your trip every day. >> kim dacey is live to explain. good morning. >> good morning. officials are looking at whether these high-speed trains would entice more commuters and close the gap between plane and train travel. amtrak is launching high-speed trials in the northeast to expedite service. they say the goal is to raise speed from the current 130 miles an hour to 220 over the next decade, cutting current travel times in half. they think by cutting travel time, more people might choose trains over airlines to avoid airport security
a better future for maryland. 3 lookinggfor a quick and cheap getaway?one tank of gas can get youuto havre de grace... emily gracey is road trippin there , this morning... with some activities to keep you buuy as the ssmmer winds down! good mooninn emily....- how is havre de grace this time of year?- what attractions does havre de grace offer?- how many tourist come through havre de grace this time of year? 3&&pfor more information on hav de grace and to book you next road trip log on to fox baltimore dot com. look for trippin'. are you betterroff ... than four years ago? ago?the ppll that people are answering online...that's getting a lot of traffic trafficand later...find out the diseass... beloved author , judy blume...is battling. ((brrak 3)) [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work, errands, a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ fortunately with hamburger helper's 40 varieties a home-cooked meal is never out of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but hone
and streaming live in havre de grace.good morning emily....- what is the de grace?-are there places in to earn more about the war of 1811? - how many tourist come through havre de grace 3 for more information on havre de graceeand to book you next road trip log on to fox look for "hot topics" and click on road trippin'. 3 on road trippin'. topics" and click look for "hot baltimore dot com. on to fox next road trip log and to book you havre de grace information on for more and to book you next road trip - loo on to fox baltimooe dot com. look for "hot topicss and click on road trippin'. 3 3 3 3 33 we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning... baltimore egend, art modell... has dded. died.the details we're learninn... and how all of baltimore is remembering the former ravens ownee.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. pll local.. all morning. 3 nnw this morningg.. a 7-year-old cclorado girr becomes the 1-st confirmed case of bubonic plague in humans ii since 20- 06. the plague is generally trrnsmitted to humans through the bites of federal health officials say - an
[= >>> beautiful havre de grace, right on the mighty susquehanna and right in front of you. wyatt will be right back with the full forecast. >>> one of man's greatest pleasurements happened in 1969. that's when neil armstrong stepped foot on the moon. >> he passed away and thousands attended the memorial. >> reporter: the words have been etched into our collective memory. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: 40 years later, thousands who were inspired by those words took a small sad step for the memorial honoring neil armstrong. one came from dallas to be here. he worked with armstrong at the kennedy space center. >> knowing he could die at any moment. we're going to go for it no matter what. >> reporter: kim sullivan came from sterling, virginia, to show his respects for a man who he had something in common. >> the first eagle scout to walk on the moon. i have two sons who are eagle scouts. he was a role model to many young men, still a role model. >> reporter: the national cathedral is special to armstrong. he donated a moon rock to the church. it is still
at our brand-new weather bug cam. havre de grace. will this weather hold up all weekend? we've got the answer coming up. >>> if you're heading up to new york city this weekend, you won't be able to pick up a sugar sized soda. the city passed the ban. the city issued the ban to fight obesity. the soda industry expects to protest. it will take effect in six months and not apply to grocery stores. >> battery maker energizer said they're make the packages on the coin batteries more child resistance. this is in response to reports of small children swallowing batteries and getting seriously hurt. other companies said they will take steps to prevent kids from the bat rills. more than 40,000 kids were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to swallowing batteries between the years 1977 and 2010. >> when the holidays roll around you want to get your hand on the hottest toys. toys 'r us are allowing people to make reservations. just put a 20% down. the reservations have to be made in person at a toys r us store. that's not a bad idea. >>> all right. presidential candidates heading
have the coastal flood warning, havre de grace to annapolis. these are your high tide expectations, two to three feet. so a little after midnight, havre de grace an above average high tide. more of a norm wind. that will kick the waters out into the chest is a peek. it's going to dry us out. wyatt everhart is back in the weather wall with an update. >> the weather wall. i want to talk about not just the winds but what they have done. we have seen a stormy scenario land down through chesapeake beach. highs today pushing 80 into the low 80s. the heat and humidity. cool relief marching in. 60s through altoona, pittsburgh. breezy and refreshing fall like day, still technically summer. this dry weather to the west is what we're in for. showers and windy conditions beginning to push everything east. tomorrow 72 sun and breezy conditions. tomorrow night 49. that is going to be cool and crisp. through friday sunshine. saturday, sunday we're looking at the possibility of more showers. this next storm system, saturday night looks much less intense, a chance for a few showers. back to you. >> all
midnight, havre de grace and ft. mchenry. tidal cycles running one to three feet. we'll send it over to wyatt. >> absolutely, that's the other aspect of the weather we have to watch for, the coastal concerns. the hour by hour forecast through the overnight period will clear conditions out and we want to remind you to check out our storm shield weather app as well as our weather app. they're available now at the itune store or in the google play store. if you have android, you can get the storm shield app. >> the wind blowing hard enough that we've been dealing with restrictions on the bay bridge for most of the day. we're taking a look at 50 at sandy point. the traffic is moving okay. officials say they will keep watch of the weather all night long, blocking lanes and some of your neighbors are still without power. in anne arundel county almost 4,000 people in the dark. in baltimore county up to 4,542. in baltimore city 711 people without power and in carroll county, r5 3 still in the -- 53 still in the dark. harford county close to 3,000. >>> a few hours after school, while daycare
degrace right on the -- havre de grace on the southbound lanes at level road. problems in abington. the first accident of the day on route 543 at calvary road. heading out to 695 as we head on over to parkville look live outside here at harford road. no delays the inner loop is clear down towards 95. and the outer loop nothing to get in your way heading up towards 83. here's what the west side looks like. traffic is moving right along just 12 minutes altogether traveling the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and the inner loop will be clear up through pikesville. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan. >>> two minutes after 6. it's a staple in most kitchens. kids love it on everything. peanut butter recall expanded raising more concerns for families as well as the government. sherrie johnson is here with the details and this is bigger than originally thought. >> reporter: exactly. we are talking about over 70 products. we have learn the large-scale recall for trader joe's brand valencia peanut but the are applies to nutter butter sold under 14 brand names at stores a
there. showers and thunderstorms are coursing over the metro area. noting to enter into havre de grace -- starting to enter into havre de grace. these are the areas dealing with the most rain. we could see some sunshine to start the day. we see 67 at the airport. 73 downtown. northern areas are still in the 60's. we were in the 40's two days ago to start the morning. we're mild as the front sits up to the north. clouds are stretching back into missouri. this front is slowly making its way here. it is pushing the moisture out ahead of the front. you can see the moisture ahead of the front. we see rainfall along the front. almost like a train of rainfall. right now the rain is mostly up towards the north. fromll start to creep beein the west to the east. i will keep the possibility that we could see some rain tonight at m&t bank stadium. the game does not start until 8:20. temperatures for kickoff around the mid 70's. we expect 58 to 67 degrees for the overnight low. the day's high temperature near 80 degrees. 72 on saturday. the temperatures will drop behind this front. >> it seems the
's the observatory. how about havre de grace over the sus question hannah, looking into cecil county, just a gorgeous day. humidity has come up. it's feeling more summer like for this last evening of summer 2012. sad to see it go, but we have football. 60 or so at kickoff. we'll be in the 50s. it will be cool out there for the new england game. temperature wise the opposite as we wrap up summer. 77 in hagerstown. oat heat 7 -- ocean city 71. it's going to be a period of time where it's not the best. the wind from the southeast is a warm one it. tends to pump up the humidity, still in this very, very early part of the fall season. above 60s. starts to notice the humidity. don't worry. if you're a fan of the dry air it comes back by sunday. tomorrow a fairly humid somewhat sunny start. then this next storm boundary, you can see it cutting its way into the upper midwest. this disturbance will come through, bring the chance for showers and storms and behind it cooler air filtering in late saturday night and especially through the day on sunday. that will make for a cooler scenario. the front will be lini
in havre de grace. i will have the best alternate route coming up on good morning maryland. >>> 20 minutes away from 7. thanks for joining. more people die taking their lives than car crashes. that's according to a new study that is coming from the american journal of public health. researchers credit recent traffic safety measures across the country for helping curb deadly accidents by 25%. during that same period, suicides deaths rose to 15% bringing it to the total number the number one cause of scrry related deaths. >>> -- injury related deaths. >>> a frightening ordeal in brazil a truck hanging off a side of a bridge. several people help the driver to safety. they were using a rope and he lost control of the truck when a car stopped suddenly right in front of him. >>> free checking we heard the words so many times before but now it could be fee checking. we will tell you why some say the days of bank deals and incentives could be over. and you want to make extra cash? another big retail are announced they are adding more jobs for the holiday. we will tell you how many position they ar
feed during class. >>> we'll start you off with our brand-new hd camera in havre de grace. looking over the susquehanna river. what a gorgeous day to be out on the might ni susquehanna. in chesapeake bay, brilliant blue skies. that was the story all day as it has been around the baltimore area. gorgeous, gorgeous weather. that battle with the tampa bay rays. current conditions now not bad, 7. humidity is dry. dew point 56. that's low. sun set is coming earlier and earlier. temperatures are in the upper 70s to low 80s, so comfortable stuff with dry conditions statewide,ow humidity. we like that. that's comfortable. across the entire region we are clear. until you get further west out toward ohio, west virginia, that's where our next boundary will sneak in from. as we push toward tomorrow evening showers lining new western maryland. we think the showers will diminish and go away as they come through overnight. saturday will be clear. the front will come through friday night into saturday morning and it looks fantastic with more of those blue skies and more low humidity. here's the system
the overnight hour. havre de grace, high tide around 9:15 and annapolis around 9:00. you're going to be dealing with coastal flooding. take a look at lay tonsville, 66 unconfirmed wind gusts, still gusty winds. let's send it over to wyatt. >> just to get back to the radar perspective, chester south -- chester town south of queen anne county and if there were ever a time to download our storm shield app, this is it. put if your zip code. your town. when you do that, you can bring have you the coastal flood advisories. much more weather coming up. let's go backs to the news desk. >>> many schools cans selled their afternoon and evening activities. you can get the full list on our website, abc2news.com. you can sign up for a severe weather alert. a. >>> a clinical research are was murdered monday night. >> police said he was returning home when he was robbed and killed. brian kuebler has more. dr. peter marvit has no enemies. no rhyme to this tragic reason. so far this seems like the type of crime we fear most, a random killing of a law abiding citizen. peter marvit was parking his car, going in t
. and 75 in havre de grace and goldsboro at 74. fed ralsburg at 73. tillman 76 so you can see the temperatures are quite warm. as we look at the humidity, yes, it's here. and we are feeling it feeling sultry outside this morning. this afternoon that will continue. this is the stationary front that's going to aid us in some of that sultry weather for today and also the unsettled weather that will continue as we head through the rest of the week. also going to be getting the remnants of isaac in here. let's head to the tropics where we still are tracking tropical storm leslie. the winds sustained at 60 miles an hour. should stay away from the u.s. but bermuda is going to have time of it as this is forecasted to become a category one hurricane. this is what it looks like going through lunchtime today. the temperature right by this a rather by the afternoon coming in at 3. and that's going tonight high temperature. and here's the check of the 7- day forecast for you as we dry things out as we head into friday but it's unsettled for the weekend. over to you. >> all right. we are go
or head into komen md/2012. >> we'll take a look at havre de grace. beautiful shot as we're seeing the sun starting to set. a struggle to get out of the 60s today, so a pretty chilly afternoon north and west of town. here's the shot, chris tal clear. 66 degrees. bone dry humidity at 34%, a little bit of a westerly wind coming off the mountains at just about seven. these are your daytime highs. middle 60s downtown. 70s over the eastern shore, a pretty comfortable afternoon. 66 at the present hour. things are cooling down around the 8:00 hour. 65 around the 11 hour. 50s, low 50s to start your tuesday morning. here's what's going on. a little system over the lakes that's going to bring in high clouds mostly north of town. clear skies and the sunshine rings supreme. that's going to track into the midwest and start to move in our direction. so it's going to start with spotty showers and bringing in downpours wednesday afternoon going into wednesday night. temperatures still 70 in chicago. the heat toward dallas texas, 96 degrees. el paso at 89. the century mark over phoenix. it will bring in te
in many location. havre de grace a beautiful shot earlier on. it allowed for the temperatures to get to 80, 81. here's the shot downtown in high definition. we sit at the 5:30 hour of 81 degrees. a very mild afternoon. humidity up there. dew point at 60. that barometric pressure around 30 inches. that's going to change as more stormy weather comes back into the picture. 81 in town. d.c. at 83. we should be right around 74 degrees for your afternoon high. 82 we made it to at bwi. the record stays in the books for another year. in terms of the winds, it's a kick out of the southerly direction. expect a breezy type of condition. you notice the clouds bill lowing back in across the region. your planner features clouds, maybe a spotty shower or storm. the 76 degrees. it's a mild 72 at 11:00. muggy, mild once again. 78 on our way to 80. here's maryland's most popular radar clear overhead. we have to watch an impulse coming through. that may trigger a shower or storm. we're keeping the showers in the forecast. you notice all the action back over central pennsylvania. more storms are trying to fly
clouds over the susquehanna today. havre de grace from the tide water marina. or as some call it blair road. we have sunshine as well. good looking weather. temperatures mid-70s, low 70s in dover. 72 in ocean city. i think we'll she cooler scenario by sunday. that will be everywhere for the football game as well. light southeast wind. still fairly humid this evening. so again, it's interesting, this last night of summer. we will -- it will time out well. much cooler behind a line of showers. way cooler by sunday for the first full day of fall. fall starting paflt 9 a.m. tomorrow morning with the autumnal equinox, 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness. we think we're part of saturday. frontal boundary south of the storm system. this boundary, likely to bring showers, a little bit of rain in northern ohio but it's this system we feel that will push eastward will pick up additional moisture. we're talking about a line of showers. i don't expect a lot of weather this far south. a lot of the heavier weather will likely be from new jersey northward into new england. then we're clear on
's the shot in bel air. watch how some of the clouds come in, temperatures in the 70s. havre de grace looking great. temperature right around 70 degrees. you can see the clouds coming in. here's the shot downtown, inner harbor camera showing us a really good looking skyline and a mild afternoon. we made it to 74 degrees. 74 is the normal number. we're on par for our mrmal average. the record is 97 degrees. 73 in town. 75 in d.c. notice cool skies overhead. much of the evening clear skies. here come the clouds. the plan are reflects the clouds, 66 degrees. it's mild through the 11:00 hour. a few of the spotty showers as we go into the 7:00 hour. this ishe general setup. high pressure is still in control just off the massachusetts coastline. that's bringing in the southerly winds. here come the thin veil of clouds. that stays toward our south. we're going to see more wet weather move along the stationary front boundary. 8 degrees at this hour. chicago at 76. some milder air will come up the eastern seaboard. we'll see some cooler air start to tap in as we head toward the weekend. so a warm day
's a beautiful shot in manchester. havre de grace camera looking pretty good. temperatures running into the 70s. here's the shot downtown, a gorgeous shot as the sun sets a little before 7:00. we made it to 74 degrees this afternoon. normally around 74. on par for average. that was in the books for 1970. 74 in town. eastern shore until beers between 73 and 74. frederick the warmer spot. we have a bit of a breeze in the southerly direction. that is what's bringing in the milder air. we'll be warmer tomorrow going to the low 80s. we notice the clear skies. that's going to slowly introduce the idea of more cloud cover going into the tail end of this evening. that will open the door for a few scattered showers. 11:00, temperature around 64 degrees. we're down to 60 tomorrow morning, trading it with the low 50s. on our way up to 84. scattered showers a possibility. the majority of the day those stay dry with a blend of mostly cloudy skies. notice most of the wet weather over west virginia. that stays toward the south. if you follow the frontal boundary, you do find patches of showers, one over des m
as you head out and about. stevensville at 58. 48 chestertown. 52 havre de grace and 65 chesapeake beach. so you get the point. we were cool yesterday and are cool again and the reason why is we have high pressure in control of our weather. you can see the cool dry air moving in and it will continue even as we head through the remainder of the week. get out and enjoy it. don't let the week go by without you being outside in the elements. so let's go to the tropics because we have a new disturbance and this could become a tropical depression in the next 48 hours or is there is a 90% chance of that happening going through the tomorrow and the next day. but this is what we are dealing with going through time today. that hour by our fore-- hour forecast not looking so bad. sunny with temperatures around 67 degrees. 10 in the morning by lunchtime nice ample sunshine once again coming in around 73 degrees. and here's a check of the next three days. we see the orioles playing and look at what they are playing in. beautiful sunshine. beautiful temperatures. and nice and seasonable and this is wh
station reported him missing when somebody said they found the body near havre de grace. nobody had seen robert since friday night. >> yeardley love graduated from notre dame prep, moving on to play lacrosse and field hockey at the university of virginia. this weekend, the school dedicated their new fields in her memory. >> this is something that she would love. >> i am sure she is looking down on the field now with a big smile on her face. >> george huguely was sentenced to 23 years in prison for murder. >> police say speed was most likely a factor between a crash. the driver of the car crossed the center line in glen burnie at into the path of a bus. the driver of the car was killed. the bus driver and passengers were treated for minor injuries. s> clean and green and vehicle are coming to baltimore. this is the first time this conference is being held in the u.s. visitors will be able to seat several clean vehicles -- will be able to see several clean vehicles. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. so
and rolling and brooke road. benson and caton avenue, and freemont and conway, and havre de grace, an accident at pulaski. this is our camera at baltimore national pike. the delays start before 795 and continue all the way down the outer loop. switching to the beltway at the top side of harford road, backing up on the outer loop. tony, over to you. >> the little patchy fog in some areas. otherwise, mostly sunny. 57 in randallstown. almost 70 in the city. watching a little bit of rain in the northwest. this little batch of rain will be swinging through tonight. 30% chance for a couple of showers this evening and overnight tonight. during the day, the weather will be fine. slight chance for rain showers this evening. high temperatures between 80 and 85. it will be warm this afternoon, or warmer. it will clear up on saturday and there could be some rain rolley ♪ 8:00 on this friday. we have got the hottest music sensation on the planet right now ready to rock our plaza. his fans on thursday, there he is, inside the studio. right along the plaza. doing a little warmup dance, already practicing w
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